The  Seasons

Figurative Bronze Sculpture 

Limited Edition of Seven

50" (127 cm) high  excluding base. ‚Äč

Bronze Sculpture, The Seasons by J. Anne Butler was inspired by her love of nature and the female form This figurative bronze statue takes you on a journey through the year through its finely detailed representation of the flora of the seasons. Enjoy this figurative sculpture as you search for J. Anne Butler's  puzzle, the bronze ladybug hidden within the detail..... It is an awesome experience! 

   Figurative female form bronze sculpture , The Seasons,  depicts the turn of the year, the flow of the seasons one into another
Spring on the right with the start of new growth the youth of the year.

 Rising to Summer at the top where
there are hints of days by the shore, peace and happiness of the Summer Sun.

 Falling gently into Fall......or being British.......Autumn; where the fruits of the year abound, 

then drifts quietly into Winter, the time  when

Mother Nature draws in her mantle rests and sleeps.

The Seasons figurative bronze is suitable for inside or outside installation. This J. Anne Butler bronze sculpture will enhance your home or business situation. 

This sculpture can be individualised by being mounted on to a wall or into a customised base and further enhanced with contemporary or traditional bronze patina colours .

Anne loves working closely with her clients to fulfil their wishes and give them a truly personal sculpture.

Bronze Female, Figurative  and Equine Sculptures

by  J. Anne Butler

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